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Planned power cuts in various villages of Tinos tomorrow


DEDDIE Tinos Electricity Departments would like to inform you about planned temporary power cuts in the villages of Xynara – Koumaro – Exombourgo, on Thursday, April 16  from 09.00 a.m  until 13.00 p.m and on Thursday, April 23 and from 09.00 am iuntil 13.00 p.m.

If works are completed earlier, power will be reconnected earlier than the time stated above. This is why these DEI electrical facilities and networks should be considered as constantly energized.

Thus, for safety reasons, it is prohibited to approach conductors or other components of the network, even if these are on the ground, because there is a high risk of accidents.

Source: Tinos Today

Who are the "Friends of Tinos"


Like many other Greeks, we visited Tinos on our vacation. We swam in its seas, we tasted its food, we were enchanted by its tradition, we admired its architecture, we marveled at its churches and pigeon houses. Its people gave us a warm welcome, opened their houses for us and made us feel one of them.

Tinos won our hearts and became our island, and we became its friends. And so, in 2005, we founded the non-profit association “FRIENDS OF TINOS” in order to support the rich cultural tradition of the island and organize many more actions.

Most of us are public and private employees, scientists and businessmen who decided to dedicate our time and to use our skills and contacts in order to realize our ambitious and emotional dream to contribute to the society in the fields of culture, environment protection and many more.

In 2005 we successfully organized our first music festival and we keep expanding our actions every year. The residents of the island encouraged and embraced the association’s efforts with great pleasure. And when we asked them to, they also supported our efforts in practice. This is what friends and neighbors do!

If you want to be a part of this effort, join us. Become a member of our association, dedicate some of your free time and share with us the satisfaction of offering. Besides, this is also an opportunity for us to meet and have a nice time in the island.

Our goal is to organize in collaboration with local bodies various cultural events based on tradition as well as modern creations, regarding music, visual arts, poetry, folklore, cinema, theater, books, education etc.

We understand the specific needs of the island in the crucial fields of health and education and we are going to assist the competent local authorities where possible. Soon we are going to announce our initiatives in these fields.

We care for the protection of the unique ecosystem as well as the architectural identity of the island of Tinos. We organize voluntary actions in order to keep beaches clean and we are against activities that pollute and have a negative impact on the environment.

In this effort we enjoy the support of our members, local authorities as well as companies, organizations and individuals who trusted us and sponsored us or participated in our activities.

Source: Tinos Today

Tinos – Repair works in Eolis cinema continue


Works in the framework of the project “Repair-Maintenance of Eolis cinema” continue. During its recent meeting by circulation, the Financial Committee of the Municipality of Tinos unanimously decided to specify the terms for the announcement of an open tender regarding the execution of the project via the National Electronic Public Procurement System.

Estimated project cost Euros 2,004,310.35 (plus VAT 24%). The project is financed with €1,739,741.38 by the Program “PHILODEMUS I” within Priority “Construction or/and Restoration of Municipal Buildings” following Call V and with €745,603.45 by the MUNICIPALITY OF TINOS.

Description and main features of the project

Preserving the geometrical elements of the existing building and satisfying the program differentiations of the program for buildings, the Architectural Study concluded with a proposal that, according to the planners, meets the requirements of the Body in the best possible way.

A multi-use space shall be created, addressed to people of all ages, with the aim of offering entertainment, information, training and, in general, promoting culture for the benefit of the residents of Tinos.

Consequently, there is a great arising responsibility for the optimal exploitation and function of the cultural infrastructure that shall be created.

On the Ground floor of the building the following shall be created in a free and open layout: the foyer of these facilities, the space for the Internet-café with a bar serving all visitors of the building, a small cinema hall of 20 seats, a small shop selling CDs and DVDs, sanitary spaces for the public and a space reserved for people with disabilities.

The Box Office selling cinema tickets shall be located in the foyer, since ticket control shall take place on the 1st floor. The public shall be able to move freely on the Ground floor at all hours, irrespective of screening times.

Free circulation of the public, a sense of a large space, inviting the public to take advantage of the various functions and the possibility of compartmentalization of the space, if necessary, are ensured by the use of folding glass panels.

The Bar is located in such a way that it shall serve the café and its customers as well as the foyer during the intermission in the screenings in the Winter hall or the open air cinema. Access to the 1st Floor shall be made via a large staircase in conformance with the security specifications or via an elevator, both of them leading to a lobby that shall serve both the main Hall and the open air cinema located on the same level.

Entrance to the Hall shall be made through a door on the axis of symmetry of the building. The height of the floor of the hall was determined according to the visibility specifications for theater halls.

The total occupancy of the Hall shall be 229 seats. There has been a provision for elevated gradual levels for the last rows of seats on both sides of the entrance door in order to ensure optimal visibility.

The theater stage shall be equipped with a small forefront and shall be elevated by 1.05 m compared to the lower level of the orchestra, it shall have a total depth of 5.0 m and its width shall be equal to the available width of the building. Access to the stage shall be made via two small stairs on the edges of the stage, as necessary.

The screen of the cinema shall constitute the depth of the stage and it is a folding one. The dimensions thereof were determined in conformance with the applying relevant specifications. There is a provision for a backstage equipped with a WC and shower facilities for men and women as well as accommodation space and changing rooms.

An effort was made so that the stage of minimum dimensions shall be functional and able to meet a large number of relevant requirements. There shall be an independent backstage entrance, via the auxiliary staircase, that shall also constitute the second emergency exit from the Hall.

The interior of the Hall shall be equipped with acoustically treated surfaces and materials and false ceilings that, in addition to their sonic qualities shall also serve wiring purposes, as lighting rigging points, and shall contribute to the aesthetics of the hall.

There is a provision for auxiliary spaces on the 1st Floor, next to the entrance to the Hall, including changing rooms for the staff, an Administration Office, storage room and a staircase leading to the 2nd Floor where the projection room, the lighting and sound control room and an auxiliary space shall be located. As already described, the open space of the plot shall be used as an open air cinema.

The floor shall be inclined in order to ensure the necessary visibility for the audience. Moreover, flower beds shall be created on both sides. At the back there shall be an outdoor space specified by a light separating panel where equipment shall be installed. For the purposes of passive fire protection, the occupancy of the open air cinema shall be 50 seats.

Works that shall be executed include demolitions, earthworks, concrete, masonry, coatings, networks (plumbing, electrical), fillings, layers, wood or metal constructions, other construction works and networks (plumbing, electrical) required for the full completion of the project.

Source: Tinos Today