Āgni Store – Women’s Clothing & Accessories

Women's clothing & Accessories

«In the alleys of Tinos, on 2 Ierou Naou Taxiarchon street, there is a small shop full of treasures»

For 30 years now, Agni Delatolla has been carefully selecting clothing and accessories for modern women who want to stand out.

Don’t ask if Āgni originates from her name. Agni’s heart is made of fire and creation, just like Āgni means God of Fire in Sanskrit, a language derived from ancient Greek.

In Tinos, where Earth, Water, Fire (Sun) and Wind merge, Āgni draws inspiration from true modern women and chooses every product with great care in order to offer you an exquisite collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. Agni Delatolla’s family opened this shop 60 years ago. She followed in her family’s footsteps and she devoted herself to what she loves most; making every woman unique, regardless of age or body type.

From the very first moment we entered Agni’s shop, we knew she had the gift to feel every woman’s needs and recommend exactly what they are looking for. With unique products, Āgni chooses every collection carefully combining esthetics and femininity. Her first collections in this small boutique in the port of Tinos, which supported for the first time fire and passion in the heart of the Cyclades, were inspired from the owner’s love for style and fashion. Since then, every single element tells a story from her life and about the people she met during her travels.

It is no wonder that visitors from all over the world visit Āgni looking for its owner in order to find clothes of the same high quality that they have bought in the past, and that will add colour and an ethereal esthetics to their vacation.

Supporting Greek designers, Āgni offers a wide range of products for every occasion and unique looks.

It is worth mentioning that the shop is also open in winter offering the inhabitants of Tinos the possibility to buy special products.
Following the demands of the visitors’ of Āgni and wishing to serve her clients both in Greece and in Europe, Agni Delatolla created Āgni Store Online where anyone can learn about new arrivals and buy products online.

Welcome to the world of agni-di.com