GLYKISMA Pastry & Tinian products

Pastry Shop & Local Tinian Products

«A pedestrian street, synonym of sweetness and tradition»

Arriving at the port of the Chora in Tinos and the pedestrian street of Evangelistrias, you can visit a shop full of tempting sweet – and many more – treats, for every taste, for both young and old with a sweet tooth. You’ll know you are at the right place when you see people queuing in front of the tiny, yet crowded, shop named Glykisma, opposite the famous big marble fountain. 

The staff will welcome you with a kind smile and a treat. Visit the shop to discover a wide variety of traditional local sweets, such as the famous almond sweets, (baked or not, known as rodinia), the Tinian sweet cheese pastries, known as lihnarakia, xerotigana, crunchy sesame candy bar with thyme honey (pasteli) and loukoumi. 

Almond sweets are one of the most famous Tinian delicacies. Made with almond paste, then, dipped in rosewater and sprinkled with powdered sugar, and love, they are one of the most common local treats.  With great respect for pure fresh ingredients and tradition, all sweets are handmade with the use of local ingredients.

This family business put their imagination and love to work and took the traditional art of almond sweets a step further in order to offer a great variety of rich flavors. In Glykisma, you can find over 12 kinds of almond sweets flavored with orange, walnut, rosewater, cherry or wrapped in crispy pastry sheets. And these are just a few of the countless flavors you can try.

In addition to the delicate pink wrapping paper and a paradise of almond sweets in various flavors, you will find traditional Tinian products, such as the famous Tinian artichoke in olive oil, capers, thyme honey, samphire, sweet preserves and jams made by local producers, as well as traditional cheese made with Tinian milk, and a wide variety of wines from Tinian vineyards. 

Flavors made with carefully selected ingredients and love, that never cease to surprise us and bring us closer to tradition and the true character of this Cycladic island.

Moreover, you can ask and arrange with the people of Glykisma to provide you with big quantities of almond sweets for your wedding or any other occasion.