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«Pranzo, when Italian cuisine travels to the port of Tinos»

A beautiful story that goes a long way back, in Roman times, when the name “hostaria” was given to a wild variety of onions.

A name that was found in the works of the oldest Latin cook and meant “onion storage”. Over the years, the meaning of the word evolved. “Hostaria” came to mean a meeting place where ordinary and eclectic people can enjoy their lunch or dinner in an inn.

Nowadays, the Italian word “osteria”, also known as “guest house” or “inn”, refers to an informal place serving food that preserves its authenticity, with traditional delicacies and a warm atmosphere.

This feeling of simplicity and quality as a way of life that leaves its mark on every culinary attempt and on the Italian traditional cuisine -so closely related to Greek recipes- is what Vangelis Alvertis wanted to bring to Pranzo.

As a member of The Chefs Academy of Greece, he was inspired from this feeling and decided to create “Pranzo” in the port of Tinos. He wouldn’t have been able to realize his idea if it were not for his close friend and interior designer, Giorgos Efthimiou, who helped with the design. Together, they made a dream come true; tastily and tastefully.

From the very first moment we enter Vangelis’ restaurant, we can feel the warmth and love that he puts into his recipes, with the first bites of his famous starters and bruschetta pomodoro with marinated tomato with garlic and basil.

The menu is so rich with selected choices that we would like to taste everything, so we can’t recommend only one dish. Every single time the chef surprises us by creating unique recipes in front of our eyes. It is worth noting that there are many vegetarian dishes on the menu. We tried INSALATA PANZANELLA with tomato, roasted zucchini, roasted onion, spearmint, caper, sweet and sour samphire, sour mizithra and olive oil with basil (honestly, it is the best samphire we have ever tasted). Always respecting the local bio-products of the island, the chef mixes Tinian delicacies in his Italian palette and welcomes you in Pranzo.

We are confident that he can fulfill all your culinary wishes.