ITAN ENA MIKRO KARAVI Mediterranean Restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurant, Cycladic Cuisine

«This little ship-a-rooney is a restaurant that takes us on a journey to the Cyclades»

The classic children’s song took shape at the hands of chef Antonis Psaltis who created a fairy tale space, a secret verdant garden in the Chora of Tinos.

“There was a Little Ship-A-Rooney” is much more than a restaurant serving Greek and Cycladic dishes. It is a place full of love for people, tradition, quality and premium ingredients.

After crossing the entrance hallway, you will see bougainvilleas, mulberry trees, a vineyard and an olive tree and a tasteful, elegant space protected from the summer Meltemi winds of Tinos, full of small and bigger surprises. The staff will give you a warm welcome and will offer you their impeccable services with a smile. The notions of family and team are what people working in this restaurant believe in.

Antonis, driven by his love for Greek cuisine and eager to share this love with visitors, creates unique recipes with simple and tasty ingredients that are a byword for Greece. You can discover dishes that will take you to the Cyclades, made with ingredients like Xinotiri cheese from Ios, the famous Tinian cold cut called louza, freshly baked homemade bread with honey and thyme, grilled mushroom or couscous with smoked eel as well as different varieties of quality meat exquisitely cooked by Antonis.

The menu changes every season so that the dishes can be made with pure and fresh ingredients, seasonal vegetables from local producers and ingredients from the island’s partnerships aiming to gain the clients’ trust right from the start.

The vineyards of the Aegean Sea are the center of attention. You can choose a wine from the long wine list of the restaurant to accompany your dishes.

It is worth mentioning that the wonderful space at the back of the restaurant, which used to be a hammam dating from centuries ago, was fully renovated because the owner wanted to create a space exclusively dedicated to wine and olive oil tasting for small or large groups.

The main idea is: “the Cyclades and their wealth”.

Following the necessary arrangements, the restaurant can be available for social events and menus made with love and care can be offered for any special occasion.

Finally! The port of Tinos has its very own garden of Eden.