Tinos Farm to Table – Private Chef

Private Cooking, Local Products & Culinary Workshops by Alexandros Androvik

«Τinos Farm to Table / A farm at your table»

In recent years, the “green” / eco-friendly approach has become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives. Food and cooking are a great place to make nature-friendly and environmentally friendly lifestyle changes. Starting from the cultivation of goods to the way we process and consume them!

Alexandros Androvik, wanting to put this philosophy into practice and with respect to nature and food, founded Tinos Farm to Table. Driven by his deep love for Tinian flavors and cooking, he completed his studies, then gained extensive cooking experience by working in various restaurants, both in Athens and Tinos.

He soon returned to his hometown to make his very own organic fruit and fresh vegetable garden. The team of Tinos Farm to Table uses pure and fresh local produce exclusively from the island, to create unique Tinian flavors that remain unforgettable.

In collaboration with local farmers, fishermen and people who share the same vision for a world that respects and honors nature, it offers a wide range of different menus ready to accompany any occasion.

You can choose an energizing breakfast with fresh eggs or a complete menu with fresh fish of the day or local meat. There are also countless options for vegetarians and vegan friends and naturally, you can design your own custom menu with Alexander.

Tinos Farm to Table provides a private cooking service at your place, literally bringing all things Tinian, natural and organic to your table. It is also possible to meet all gastronomic needs of any event you wish to organize.

Constantly evolving, the project of Tinos Farm to Table will be organizing cooking workshops from this summer with a central focus on Mediterranean cuisine; specifically, the refined flavours of Tinos. If you love cooking and nature, do not hesitate to participate in one of the culinary workshops! We promise that you will experience the uniqueness and gastronomic distinctiveness of the island, as well as Tinos itself.