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«Cardoon, the ultimate all day café bar welcomes us at the port of Tinos»

Those who know where to watch the most beautiful sunset on the beach in the Chora of Tinos walk down the street towards the neoclassical building that houses the Cultural Foundation of Tinos. But those who had the opportunity to combine the sunset with the unforgettable summer parties last year know that the new hot spot of the Tinian scene is Cardoon.

Cardoon borrowed its name from the flower of wild artichoke, which is one of the most famous traditional products of Tinos. It is an all day café bar with beautiful minimal design where we discovered one of the most delicious brunches served in the island and where we had a great time dancing at parties at the sounds of house music and music from the 80s while enjoying tasty and cooling cocktails.

Behind the success of this café bar is the beautiful connection between three people, Malvina, Nikiforos and Vassilis, all of them former Athenians who decided to leave the big city for this island that they really love. The secret of this dynamic team is hard work, love, quality and a warm smile.

Cardoon is open all year round from 8 a.m. The staff is very friendly and will welcome you with a kind smile.

You can try top quality Brazil, Guatemala, Panama and Ethiopia coffee blends. The coffee of your choice will be ground on the spot and skillfully brewed with love and care. You can also enjoy an amazing breakfast with traditional kayanas (scrambled eggs with tomato and cheese), poached eggs with salmon or acai bowls with fresh seasonal fruits and, of course, a great variety of fresh juices and smoothies, ideal for vegans.

Tip: It is worth watching the sunset with a view to the old port of Tinos while enjoying an artfully prepared cocktail sitting comfortably outside Cardoon, both in summer and winter, weather permitting.

Every year, the menu and the themes of the parties change. We are looking forward to discovering what the team of Cardoon has in the works for us this summer!