O XYLOFOURNOS (Wood Stove) since 1878

Bakery, Traditional Wood Stove

«A wood stove dating from 1878 lives again in the center of Pallada in Tinos Town»

«Wood Stove ( Xylofournos) since 1878» is the definition of authenticity and tradition that are typical of the handmade island of Tinos. The bakery is located near the new port, in the neighborhood of Pallada, close to the central square. It is the only wood stove in the island and its history goes back many years, or better yet, centuries.

«…The oven chimney at Afentouli’s bakery was lit and it rumbled. And the sweet smell flooded Pallada and the poor were fed, and the scorned were relieved, and the puerpera breastfed the baby, and the candles in the church were lit…»

It is a traditional business that was recently passed down to two young people, Panayotis and Noriana, who wanted to give new life to it while at the same time preserving the element of tradition. Everyday, they wait patiently for hours until the wood stove heats up with the use of olive wood, and until the necessary temperature is reached, so that they can offer freshly baked bread to customers.

Driven by their love for pure ingredients and their wish to offer top quality bakery products, they carefully prepare their own dough. The art of homemade bread baked in a wood stove was passed down from generation to generation so that we can taste the same fine bread as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. A bakery definitely worth visiting the moment you arrive at the island.

A bakery that combines traditional and modern, regarding both taste and know-how. You can taste many savory and sweet handmade treats, such as Easter bread, butter and chocolate croissants, rusks, bread sticks, biscuits, butter dry biscuits, traditional pies, peynirli and many more baked goods. There are endless choices for your breakfast or to take away on the beach or while hiking on the trails of the island.

Τip: The Wood stove’s specialty is cheese simit – a handmade simit made with wheat flour and filled with cheese, fresh tomato and local herbs. It is ideal for those who love a savory breakfast or as a summer snack for the beach. You will also find a wide variety of types of bread – multi-seed, rye, traditional and many more. As far as the flavor of bread baked in a wood stove is concerned, there are no words to describe it. You have to try it!

Always trying for the best and listening for what the locals and the visitors really like, Panayotis and Noriana have something new in the works… We are looking forward to finding out what their new products will be. And don’t forget! Following the necessary arrangements, you can place an order for everything you need for your special events.