This category includes useful and necessary information about various services.

Public administration procedures are often quite complex, especially if you don’t speak Greek. You may need to execute a notarial document in order to buy real estate or found your own business. Under this category you will find a list of French or English speaking professionals whom you can consult for your needs and requests. Law firms, notary public offices, accountants and accounting firms, consulting services, real estate agents.

You can also search in our guide for professional event planners for any occasion (wedding, christening, catering), as well as photographers and printers. Moreover, you can contact professional cobblers, locksmiths, cleaning and pest control services.

We remind you that, upon request, we can contact the professional you need, by means of any interpreting or translation services you may need, so that you won’t waste any time or energy in order to resolve communication problems with local authorities and services. Interpreting services are also available to the professionals of the island. You can contact employers, announce job vacancies or post classified ads on our platform.