Do you love nature and exploring and want to combine vacation and rejuvenation, activities or experiences that will help you discover Tinos’ hidden spots?

Thanks to its scenery of exquisite beauty and particular morphology, Tinos is the ultimate destination for hiking, trekking, xtrail running. And all this in a well-maintained and well-signed trail network over 150 km! With routes in Exo, Mesa, Pano or Kato Meria, the whole island of Tinos is a labyrinth of old beautiful trails. These trails connect the island’s medieval villages passing through creeks, valleys, berms, leading to isolated beaches or steep mountain tops, and are the best way to enjoy the island’s ultimate and authentic beauty!

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Tinos is one of the most famous surf spots in Greece. Legend and tradition has it that god Aeolus opened the bag where he kept the winds and they escaped all over the island. How can anyone not be tempted to ride the waves in Kolymbithra or Livada?

The unique morphology of the island gives you the possibility to climb on the majestic rock in Exombourgo or the granite boulders in the village of Volax, as well as many other locations. Tinos is a magnet for climbers in Europe and one of the most important bouldering destinations worldwide.

It also satisfies sea lovers who can enjoy scuba diving and other submarine sea treasures!

Yoga seminars, martial arts lessons, sailing and other activities will offer you physical well-being, rejuvenation and relaxation during your stay in the island.

It is worth noting the annual road race of the Commercial & Industrial Association of Tinos that takes place every June. Tinos Running Experience has now become an institution and counts over 1000 entries per year.

Tip: during the winter and spring periods, vegetation along the trails can be denser and rutty increasing the difficulty level at certain points of the routes. During the summer, remember to bring more than enough water supplies and protect yourselves from the sun wearing a hat… the wind is tricky. Adequate equipment is always necessary to avoid accidents.