Shopping & Gifts

What could be better than combining your vacation memories with something unique? You can make a present to yourselves and your beloved ones and carry something from the island with you until your next visit.

The above categories include a list of selected stores that you will find while strolling in the island’s narrow alleys discovering boutique stores and ateliers with unique handmade products that will remind you the island and the Cyclades bringing back beautiful memories from your vacation. Special products, apparel, natural soaps, interior and exterior decoration products, flowers, antiques, furniture, photographs, souvenirs from the “handmade island” of the Cyclades for every age and taste.

Tinos is now among the top destinations for gastronomy lovers. Products that are hard to find or very expensive abroad are much more affordable in Greece since nature offers them in abundance. In Tinos too nature offers its wonders generously. Tinos is not anymore famous only for its delicious tiraki (cheese), louza and caper, but also for its exquisite wine and thyme honey as well as various amygdalota (almond delicacies) and local sweets. You can taste and buy local products directly from producers or in selected stores in the island.