Art Culture & Leisure

Birthplace of sculptor Y. Chalepas and painter N. Gyzis, as well as other important figures of the Arts, Tinos continues to attract numerous artists and visual artists, who are searching for inspiration and intuition under the unique radiant light of the Aegean Sea. Throughout the centuries, people interacted with unique aesthetics with the natural environment of the island that has been harmoniously sculpted by the wind and the sea salt. The prevailing wild Cycladic energy makes Tinos one of the most distinct islands of the Aegean Sea.

You can’t help but be seduced by the alternating scenery and over 60 settlements of unique architectural style. Numerous churches and bright white chapels will impress you.

The famous pigeon houses ( dovecotes)  of Tinos, are now officially registered as 913. The accounting project lasted 4 years and was carried out by Mister Manthos Prelorentzos, creating a memorable photo album.

In this way, it updates an unforgettable legacy for our current generation. These pigeon houses are considered to be emblems of the popular culture of Tinos, thus demonstrating the know-how of the Tinian people through the centuries. These people fought to preserve their lands to which they were attached.

In addition the windmills, the cobbled streets, the door lintels and the arcs of the Tinian village houses will mesmerize you. Throughout the year, strolling in the alleys in Chora and the picturesque villages of Tinos, visitors will discover exhibition spaces, small hidden galleries, jazz festivals, art installations, theatrical plays, concerts and dance shows, performances, sculptors’ or painters’ workshops, feasts and celebrations and other hidden secrets. Life on the island slows down in the winter, but it does not cease to enchant us with continuous activities and events, both traditional and modern, with habits and customs, lively feasts and gatherings that keep the island’s traditions and precious heritage alive.

If you want to discover all aspects of Tinos under this category, there are numerous choices for visitors and permanent residents of our island. Museums, such as the Archaeological Museum in Chora, the Museum of Marble Crafts in Pyrgos or Tsoclis Museum in Kampos, exhibition spaces, such as the Cultural Foundation of Tinos that hosts permanent and periodical exhibitions. The Conservatory at the port, open theaters, choirs, dance ensembles and concert halls are there to entertain and comfort you and reveal the rich cultural heritage of the island, where the past merges harmoniously with the present.