Who we are?

Forget countless printed travel guides, leaflets and pointless waste of time searching on the Internet or asking around to find your “way”.

Infotinos is here and it aims to facilitate your stay on the island. Whether you are a visitor or a permanent resident, this practical and useful tourist & business guide presents the most established and renowned businesses of the island. Through a sophisticated, ergonomic and full database it becomes the liaison between foreign community and the locals.

Infotinos is not a blog or a magazine bombarding you with useless information. It is an interactive information platform up and running for the first time focusing on Tinos.

After travelling for years in the Greek islands, we realized that there is a great need both for French and English speaking visitors and permanent residents to find all necessary information and travel tips without wasting any time. This is why we created this guide offering handy solutions for all your needs during your short visit or permanent stay.

Infotinos platform is a carefully designed tool that is being updated throughout the year. It includes experienced constructors, engineers, architects, plumbers, carpenters, pool construction companies, gardeners -professionals absolutely necessary for the construction of your future residence or repairing your existing one. Information on household services, babysitting etc. is provided.

We choose renowned catering professionals who reveal us the traditional recipes and the secrets of every area in the island. Moreover, you have access to a verified list of hotels and various accommodations that can satisfy all your needs and make your stay more pleasant.

Ιnfotinos will help you discover the island of Tinos, its hidden beauty and alternative aspects. Learning about its history and cultural heritage you will have the opportunity to participate in traditional feasts and experience its customs. You can find the exact dates of cultural events in the island, music festivals, theatrical plays, concerts etc.

Whether you are looking for an alternative escape or a more cosmopolitan experience, our guide proposes quality recreational activities. You will have the opportunity to discover a detailed list of well-being centers, such as yoga, pilates, spa and massage, sports activities and excursions in the wild nature of the island.

Infotinos platform is completed with an innovative interpreting or translation services package, adapted to your needs and any kind of difficulty you may face in Greek, French or English. For the first time, a French and English speaking Cycladic online guide will accompany you during your vacation or your short stay and it will be there for you for any need that may arise, whether you are a visitor or a professional.